Posted 2 months ago ⋅ 2017-02-17 15:43:25

The comments come the day after the US president held a press conference at which he claimed his team was running like a "fine-tuned machine" despite recent allegations of ties to Russia and controversy over a number of his executive orders.

At the press conference, Trump also accused the media of producing "fake news" and being dishonest to the American public in their reporting.



Speaking on Premier News Hour, Simon Barrow from Christian think tank Ekklesia said the president was not coming across as behaving in a Christian manner.

"Certainly someone who seeks to bully and cajole and harass in the way that he does doesn't strike me as someone who's behaving in a Christian way and even more importantly excluding refugees migrants."

Barrow added that it appears that his claims of being a Christian are starting to unravel.



"I think that there is a concerted attempt to do two things at the moment actually. The first is to simply bully and intimidate anyone who questions what Donald Trump says. His factual inaccuracies are, to put it gently, are legendary and numerous.

"What he's trying to do secondly is to throw up a smoke screen and stop people investigating [links with Russia] and it's very disturbing."

Listen to Aaron James speaking to Simon Barrow here:

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